Trump’s Feud with McConnell Could Have Consequences

Senator Mitch McConnell and former President Donald Trump seem not to have buried the hatchet they have with each other. While new matters arise, political analysts believe Trump might be leveraging this feud as a prelude to declare his run in the 2024 presidential election. 

Trump might not have expressly stated his intentions about the 2024 polls. Still, his support for the Make America Great Again movement has shown he has an underlying interest in the presidential polls. 

One of the dissenting arguments that occasioned their latest dispute is McConnell was one of 19 Republican senators who led Biden to a significant win with his $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure project.

It can be recalled that McConnell is a remarkable Republican. Still, his decisive steps against the party’s agenda have made most Americans wonder if he has a clandestine motive to ruin the party. 

The Current State of Affairs in the Republican Party

After Glenn Youngkin’s victory in becoming governor-elect of Virginia, he and other notable public office holders went on to flood the former president with enormous encomiums. This has given Trump trailblazing momentum as a pivotal member of the Republican Party. 

According to Ned Ryun, an ally of Trump, McConnell has never really been a popular figure in the Republican camp. This is why Trump has been getting more clamor for endorsements from candidates who intend to hold public office.

Also, Ryun emphasized the recent disclaimer given by Grieten about not supporting McConnell. He observed with the recent turnout, it is likely most Republicans turn against McConnell, just as Grieten did. 

A Rebuttal to the Assertion from McConnell

In response to the rancor that stemmed from the rift between the top major party players, McConnell explained the reason for his support of Biden’s infrastructure bill.

McConnell iterated his sole reason was so the infrastructural backlog of his home state, Kentucky, would be adequately catered to. At the moment, it seems as though Biden promised the state of Kentucky a convincing $4 billion to sort out its deferred maintenance and priorities. 

While many Republicans found an emotional appeal with the reason given by McConnell to prioritize state demands over party demands, Trump utilized this one subjective error by an elder Republican Party member.

He utilized this to reiterate the party’s common agenda and divide the GOP further. As it stands today, the argument of Trump and his unflinching support for united party politics seems to corroborate the popular perception of Americans that Trump might be clearing his path towards a presidential comeback in 2024. 

However, the 2020 election did seem to create a logger end between McConnell and Trump. It appears now they are two captains of the ship that can decide the navigational compass of the Republican Party in 2024.