Three Recent Outrageous Requests from Left-Wing College Students

In recent months and years, young liberals have turned to action to urge administrators to implement various left-wing measures.

Last week, at the University of Chicago, a student group asked the university to invest $1 billion over the next two decades into affordable housing on the city’s South Side as slavery reparations.

The cries are part of a group of students trying to get administrators to agree to a list of demands, including the dismissal of objectionable faculty, the inclusion of racial quotas in the institution’s admission and staff hiring, and reparations.

The University of Chicago

Students from UChicago Against Displacement wrote an op-ed for the Chicago Maroon. They stated “the South Side should be paid reparations” and the institution ” is only existing as a symbol of chattel slavery.”

The group suggested such reparations take the form of a “$20 million yearly fund for rental assistance and public schools” and a “$1 billion over 20 years ($50 million yearly) in grant money for long-term affordable housing.”

Georgetown University

Students at the renowned Washington, D.C., University’s law school staged a sit-in rally earlier in February. They demanded the school fire Ilya Shapiro, who is a constitutional law professor at the university.

This was all over a post on Twitter criticizing President Biden’s promise to select a black woman for the soon-to-be-vacant Supreme Court seat presently occupied by Justice Stephen Breyer, who will be retiring later this year.

In addition to calling for Shapiro’s dismissal, the students said “we’ve reached a point where students are leaving class to go to the bathroom to cry.” They also noted the law school should provide a place to weep.

Dean of Students, Mitch Bailin, responded sympathetically, “it is quite tough to walk out of a lecture or a session in tears, and you must always have a safe space on campus.”

The University of Washington

The student council at the University of Washington approved a resolution in early January, asking the university to impose an admission quota of 24 percent for students of Native American origins and achieve that target over the next eight years.

The student government justified the resolution by citing an increase in “harmful and discriminatory behaviors by professors targeting BIPOC students, particularly Alaska Native and American Indian students.”

University engineering and computer science professor Stuart Reges had been in the middle of many controversies in the weeks before the resolution was passed. He put a fake land acknowledgment in his course syllabus.

According to the College Fix, the professor stated, “I recognize the Coast Salish people can claim ancestral ownership of essentially none of the land presently occupied by the University of Washington under the labor theory of property.”

The woke agenda has crept into higher levels of education now. When, exactly, will this madness finally stop?