This Government Favoritism Will Cost America Billions More Every Year

The Biden administration announced its two permanent candidates for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) yesterday. It took Biden a long period to identify them.

Rights groups say the Biden camp is slow to staff the FCC. Biden’s perplexing FCC delay risks an upcoming FCC issue if he isn’t fast. Besides, if the Senate confirms Biden’s nominations, the FCC will be adequately staffed and ready to act.

How Long Can Biden’s FCC Choices Revive Net Neutrality?

Net neutrality is a bad policy for a hundred reasons. The question now is which one charges us the most? Net neutrality prohibits Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from charging Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, and other large technology companies for bandwidth.

Then, there’s the bandwidth issue. The big government gives big tech a HUGE crony gift. Despite Biden’s nonsense, nothing the administration does is “free.” This infrastructure has cost ISPs hundreds of billions of dollars.

Now, they must recoup their costs and they can only charge big tech (and us) for their services. Moreover, by not charging big tech for their massive bandwidth, Americans will be taxed enormously more for their modest bandwidth.

Net neutrality forces the average American to fund big tech. What’s more? Americans will also be targeted by the government. With the net neutrality power grab, the administration will arbitrarily reclassify the internet under ‘Title II of the Communications Act. That’s yet another HUGE government growth area.

What Are Phone Taxes?

We haven’t discussed this big tech crony perk in a long time. The USF is a structure of telecommunications incentives and taxes regulated by the FCC to encourage accessibility to telecom services in the US.

The government hates the word ‘taxes.’ The USF taxes are exorbitant. In order to eliminate administrative taxes and fees, there is a Universal Service Fund levy on wireless. That’s currently 18.1 percent; it increases every three months and can be raised by three unelected FCC officials at any time.

Furthermore, in the second quarter of this year, that tax rate jumped to 33.4% and it will be higher this quarter, as it always is. Who pays taxes?

A portion of interstate end-user income must be paid to the Universal Service Fund. This proportion is termed the contribution element. Note it is termed ‘contribution’; the government hates the word taxes.

In addition, Biden’s administration has taxed and spent hundreds of billions of dollars to link more people to big tech websites. Nevertheless, big tech avoids the USF charge, so we’re massively funding big tech again.

Senate Republicans want big tech to fund network infrastructure and asked the Federal Communications Commission to investigate gathering universal service fund (USF) payments from tech giants like YouTube, Netflix, and Google.

Big tech is set to get another unilateral government gift, for which we will have to spend billions more. Overview of America in 2021: the cronies run the show like they own the country. However, we, the people, are royally screwed, paying for it all, and supposed to keep quiet.