Study Reveals Most Americans Keep Weapons With Them When Behind The Wheel

According to a poll carried out by Circuit Route Planner, over 65% of drivers in the United States keep weapons in their vehicles when driving.

This is usually done to protect themselves in a road rage incident.

Many people might say this is a disturbing account, but the vehicle owners believe they carry these weapons to ensure bodily harm does not come to them.

What Did the Survey Find?

The survey polled 1,000 US residents to reach its conclusion. About 50% of these drivers have knives hidden in their vehicles, while the following percentage of common weapons with drivers is pepper spray at 45%.

In addition, up to 40% of road users also confessed that they carry a gun with them when behind the wheel.

To complete the list of the weapons American road users carry, the survey lists tire irons at 39%, baseball bats at 38%, hockey sticks and tasers at 31% each, and lacrosse sticks at 14%.

Interestingly, the survey also found the types of car drivers that usually carry dangerous weapons. Per the poll, Mercedes, Hyundai, and BMW drivers are the most likely culprits. In addition, the poll found that road rages are everywhere in the country, whether rural or urban.

Who’s Most Likely To Have Road Rage?

According to the poll, about 54% of the rural population believe they are more likely to face road rage in their environment than in other places. On the other hand, 67% of suburban drivers believe they are more likely to face road rage in their environment than in other places.

The poll also found that men are more likely to have road rage.

The poll noted that men have the highest tendency to become angry behind the wheel compared to other demographic. 50% of the poll believe men are more prone to road rage incidents. Younger male drivers come a close second at 42%.

The third on the list at 35% goes to people that own sports cars, while women and older drivers come fourth and fifth at 31% and 28%, respectively.

What City Has the Most Road Rage?

We could give you 100 tries to guess the place with the most road rage, but you will still fail. In an interesting turn of events, the road rage capital of American roads is Eugene, Oregon. This might come as a shock as you might expect the busiest streets with the craziest traffics to win the infamous prize.

However, using data from the social media platform Twitter, the survey found that for every 100,000 road rage events or tweets, 500 are from Eugene, Oregon.

This is over 100 more than its closest location, Atlanta, Georgia. To our surprise, big cities like Los Angeles and New York didn’t make the top 20 cities on the list for road rages.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.