Spotify Won’t Silence Joe Rogan, Says CEO

Spotify will not silence Joe Rogan, following the release of a video collection in which he is heard repeatedly using the “n-word,” according to the company’s chief executive officer.

In a recent memo sent to staff members on Sunday, Spotify Technology SA Chief Executive Daniel Ek wrote in a recent message, “The Joe Rogan Experience scandal continues to influence each of you.” 

The CEO’s Remarks

In the memo, Ek said, “I believe it’s essential for you to be aware we’ve had discussions with Joe and his crew about some of the topics on his program, including his past of using some racially offensive words,” says the executive producer.

“Following these talks, as well as his observations, he decided to delete episodes from Spotify’s catalog. Over the weekend, he also offered his public apology.”

According to a statement acquired by Fox Business, he went on to say more.

“I strongly oppose what Joe stated and agree with his choice to remove previous episodes from our platform. Also, I recognize some people may want to see more of the show in its current condition. One thing I want to make clear is I do not feel silencing Joe is the solution.”

According to the statement, many individuals have called on Spotify and other platforms to restrict the “The Joe Rogan Experience” in response to the now-viral footage. 

Rogan’s Apology and Previous Issues

Those who earlier expressed their displeasure with Rogan’s vaccine remarks have added their voices to the chorus of disapproval.

“In addition, many of you have expressed concern that The Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify is not the only source of contention; it also involves our direct connection with him.”

“Last week, I explained to you we are not the publisher of JRE, as I stated at the town hall. However, due to our exclusive licensing, the perception is this is not the case.”

“As a result, I’ve been debating whether this view is consistent with our principles,” said the CEO, as reported by Axios.

In an apology posted on Instagram late Friday night, Rogan stated he was offering his “profound, sincerest” apologies to the public. In addition, he described his remarks as “regrettable and disgraceful.”

“It is with great sorrow and humiliation that I am putting together this film to discuss the most regrettable and shameful thing I’ve ever had to discuss in public.”

“There’s a video release containing a collection of me using the N-word. There are snippets taken out of context from 12 years of discussions on my podcast that have been mashed up together to make this film.”

“The clips were taken out of context from me…and it appears to be f—-ing dreadful, even to my eyes,” the presenter threw in.