Obama Will Not Face Durham Charges, Says Former AG

Anticipate ex-President Barack Obama to face no charges in special counsel John Durham’s criminal probe of the Russia inquiry’s conduct, which dates back to 2016. 

Federal Criminal Investigation

That was the message delivered Friday by erstwhile Attorney General William Barr.

He reiterated an allegation he made nearly two years ago, while still in charge of the Justice Department and supervising Durham’s operation under then-President Trump.


Durham is currently embroiled in two active prosecutions and legal battles taking place in public.

However, the investigation has thus far brought charges against only a former federal lawyer, a Democratic lawyer connected to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, and the primary source for British ex-spy Chris Steele’s anti-Trump dossier.

Barr did emphasize that Durham, a former US attorney who is still serving as a special counsel during Biden’s presidency, is likely to issue a report.

“I believe he is going to go over everything that occurred. There are some things he may be able to establish beyond a shadow of a doubt,” he said later.

He also noted “people can read what transpired. Even if you cannot establish it beyond a reasonable doubt, I believe most Americans will understand what happened.”

Trump has already blasted Obama over “Obamagate,” accusing his predecessor and senior national security officials of undermining his candidacy and presidency.

Biden in the Mix

President Biden, who served as Obama’s vice president, has also been dragged into the fray for his participation in a small Oval Office meeting.

The discussion involved the FBI’s wiretaps of retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s conversations with Sergey Kislyak, a Russian ambassador.

Barr continues to cast doubt on the investigation’s beginnings. In a Fox News interview, he recently described the investigation and the “collusion” storyline as a “fabricated issue”

However, he has long been skeptical that Durham will conduct a criminal investigation into Obama and Biden.

“I have a broad sense of the progress of Mr. Durham’s research. There is a distinction between a power abuse and a federal offense. Not every abuse of power, regardless of how terrible, is a federal offense,” Barr stated during a May 2020 press conference.

“Now, as for President Obama and then-Vice President Biden, regardless of their level of engagement, based on the facts I know today, I do not believe Mr. Durham’s work will result in either man being investigated criminally.”

“Our concern about potential criminal activity is directed toward others.”

Barr stated during his conversation with MacDonald that nothing he saw in the months leading up to his departure from the Justice Department in late December 2020 would have swayed his decision.

“I have seen nothing that justifies — and I emphasized this during my tenure — a criminal probe of Barack Obama,” he said.