NJ Businessman Testifies He Promised Up to $250,000 in Bribes to Sen. Bob Menendez


In a gripping testimony on June 7, 2024, New Jersey businessman Jose Uribe revealed to a Manhattan federal court that he pledged up to $250,000 in bribes to Senator Bob Menendez. Uribe's testimony forms a crucial part of the bribery case against the Democratic senator and sheds light on a series of alleged corrupt dealings aimed at halting criminal investigations into Uribe's business interests and those of his associates.

Uribe detailed how his close friend, Wael Hana, informed him that a hefty payment of $200,000 to $250,000 could sway the New Jersey Attorney General's office to cease its probes. Hana, who is also on trial alongside Menendez, allegedly indicated that the money would be funneled through Nadine Arslanian, Menendez's girlfriend at the time, and later his wife. Uribe recounted how he hosted a political fundraiser in July 2018, raising $50,000 with Menendez in attendance, but no explicit discussions about the bribes occurred during the event​.

Uribe's confidence in the arrangement began to wane by fall 2018 when investigators continued to pursue the case. Text messages presented in court showed Uribe repeatedly urging Hana to ensure that Menendez acted on their agreement. Despite a dinner meeting arranged in October 2018, where Uribe expected to finalize the deal, nothing substantial was discussed​.

By March 2019, Uribe directly communicated with Nadine Menendez, promising her a luxury car if she could influence her husband to quash the investigations. The car, a Mercedes-Benz, was later provided after her previous vehicle was destroyed in a fatal accident where she struck and killed a pedestrian, an incident for which she faced no charges​.

Former New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal testified that Menendez attempted to discuss the criminal probe with him on two occasions in 2019, but Grewal adhered to protocol and directed Menendez to have defense lawyers contact the relevant prosecutors or judge​.

Senator Menendez, who has pleaded not guilty, is accused of accepting gold bars, cash, and other luxury items in return for his influence. This case has also implicated Menendez in efforts to secure lucrative government deals for his associates, including an agreement with the Egyptian government and a multimillion-dollar contract with a Qatari investment fund​.

As the trial continues, the testimonies and evidence presented paint a troubling picture of political corruption and the misuse of power for personal gain. The legal proceedings against Menendez and his co-defendants highlight significant ethical breaches and potential criminal conduct at high levels of government.

For further details, you can read more about this developing story on Fox News and other reliable news outlets​​.


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