McAuliffe Calls on Biden for Help

As the faint blue skies in Virginia beam with hope for a new dawn, time gradually ticks until the dawn of November 2nd. Virginia’s residents will do all they can to ensure the best man wins the day.

Each of the gubernatorial candidates is doing their best to ensure they win also.  Conversely, seeing how the competition has become intense in the last couple of weeks, the Democrat Party’s candidate, Terry McAuliffe, is inviting Biden to Virginia to spur support for him.

This brought a new twist into the election process. 

Reviewing Gubernatorial Polls in Virginia at the Moment

Campaign plans have been in place in Virginia for the gubernatorial polls. Much recently, the candidates of both the Republican and Democrat parties had to speak with Virginians on what they have in store for them.

They also made promises on what they would do and policies they would implement if elected. Aside from that, both candidates were able to speak about individual views on current societal issues, as they may affect the residents of Virginia. 

Republicans haven’t previously had good luck in Virginia. The last time the party won statewide was 12 years ago, in 2009. However, it seems like things are about to change, as Glenn Youngkin, the candidate for the Republican Party, is performing well in public polls.

The GOP candidate performed well beyond expectations in these polls. Aside from that, Virginians seem to like him a lot too. 

Can Biden’s Influence Save McAuliffe Now?

In a news report by the Washington Post, it was unveiled President Biden would be coming into Virginia next week. This makes it exactly one week away from the governorship elections.

What most residents of Virginia know about this is Terry McAuliffe seems to be the sort of leader who subscribes to outside forces in a bid to get a comparative edge against his opponent. 

On the other hand, Glenn Youngkin has this policy of addressing and speaking with the people of Virginia, as one who understands their needs. It is no wonder that 59% of Youngkin’s financial contributions came from inside Virginia.

At the moment, the same cannot be said about Terry McAuliffe, who got a whopping 64% of contributions from outside Virginia. In times past, numerous news outlets, particularly Vozzella and AP, have weighed in on the influence of Biden in Virginia.

Their results proved he doesn’t have the outright support of registered voters in the state. This is even a glaring fact that McAuliffe stated mildly in the past. 

Besides, many Virginian registered voters have opined Biden’s political decisions and loss of points at the federal level are some reasons for the decline in the level of support for McAuliffe. 

While Kamala Harris might have violated extant provisions by campaigning in churches around Virginia for McAuliffe, can Biden stepping in for McAuliffe help him win the gubernatorial elections? Time will tell.