Kamala Harris Violates Fundamental Provision of Johnson’s Amendment

It is often said politics is a dirty game. However, this cliche would not apply to you, if you are the sort of political player who has mastered the art of playing in murky waters.

This was precisely the case when Kamala Harris endorsed Terry McAuliffe to be the next governor of Virginia in a church currently enjoying tax exemption. Republicans have had their fair say about this act by Kamala Harris.

Everyone who is not new to the American political terrain would understand if a Republican indulged in such an act recorded on video, it would have been correctly termed as law-breaking.

The endorsement of Terry McAuliffe by the vice president of America further proves with the right association and power, what appears to be prevailing law in a nation can be bent to suit one’s cause. 

What the Provision of the Johnson’s Amendment States

Under the provisions of Johnson’s Amendment of 1954, churches and other nonprofit organizations (that enjoy tax exemption) are prohibited from campaigning for or against a political candidate vying for an office in America.

It is not an uncommon act to find Democrats in black-owned churches, but to find a high-ranking public office holder who is supposed to be abreast of the law, defaulting it? That is not the best way to lead by example. 

An exemption to Kamala Harris’ act would have been considered, had it been that she simply made slight comments and went her way. However, her singing McAuliffe’s praises shows she is carrying out an adequately meditated action. That is very much calculative and political. 

Taking things away from the realm of legality, in a moral viewpoint, it is wrong on all sides to use the sacred home of God’s worship for political campaigns.

Irrespective of how the average American views it, the campaign in the church would never be changed to a societal topic that affects the American populace in their totality. 

What Harris’ Actions State About the Democrats

During the election polls in the year 2020, everyone saw for a fact how Democrats in their large numbers clamored for doing the right thing. One who acted on neutral grounds at the time would almost have thought the campaign tactics by former President Trump were illegal and desperate. 

Seeing how Kamala Harris has chosen the same path Democrats complained about shows that Democrats are opportunists who seek an avenue to utilize a situation to serve their quest. 

Harris’ campaign might not have been personal, but it shows a lot about her depth of character. The vice president should know a lot of Americans look up to her. In light of this, she should have been wise enough to respect the principles of the American people.