Horrifying Truth Emerges About COVID Mask Mandates

The COVID pandemic is a time most of us would rather forget about completely. Though it still happened, and cases of the nasty virus are climbing once again.

The Biden regime relaxed the rhetoric on COVID ahead of the midterm elections. Yet, who knows what new restrictions we could see from this virus or from the emerging threats like monkeypox?

That’s why it’s important to get a factual view of what occurred in this country and globally during the height of the COVID panic.

As a new prominent medical reporter shows, many of the measures taken to supposedly stop COVID were actually harmful to people’s health.

Details From the Report

The new report was published in the medical journal, Medicine, and authored by German physician Zacharias Fögen. It looks at data sets from the state of Kansas and tried to examine what relation mask mandates had to COVID mortality.

Fögen observes that Kansas is an ideal set of data because during the report analysis period from August 2020 to October 15, 2020, Kansas counties could decide for themselves whether to put in mask mandates.

Kansas has 105 countries, 81 of which decided to let people make their own decisions about masks, and 24 of which decided to make wearing masks a legal requirement.

By comparing these data sets and considering any other factors that could change the results, Fögen found counties with mask mandates had 1.5 times more deaths than the counties without mask mandates.

The reason is exactly what many of us who weren’t fond of masks expected: masks caused infectious droplets to be breathed in repeatedly and made people sicker than open air.

The Fögen Effect

The re-inhalation of infected particles is sometimes called the “Fögen effect” after Dr. Fögen’s study; it shows just how harmful mask mandates can be.

The majority of non-N95 masks let through viral particles; even good masks can allow in viral loads from unsealed areas of the face near the nose or mouth.

If you get sick from these particles and then breathe them in over and over, you get even more sick, increasing the viral load.

This basic scientific logic has been proven by Fögen’s Kansas studies, but we’re still told that masks helped stop COVID by our lying government and the Biden regime.

It’s offensive and horrifying, especially to those who lost someone they love to this virus.

The Bottom Line

Mask mandates killed more people than places without mask mandates. So did lockdowns. Vaccines have not been effective; the list of horrifying side effects and deaths is growing by the day.

When you see how many people were put out of work and how much misinformation our government and health officials gave us about COVID you have to ask yourself: how much else have they lied to us about?