Female NCAA Athlete Criticizes ‘Unfair’ Transgender Players

According to news sources, a woman NCAA athlete urged other female athletes to push for equity in women’s sports.

According to statements she expressed on Monday, Idaho State University track and field sprinter Madison Kenyon feels female athletics in the United States reached a critical level.

She wants to clarify to everyone out there that what they really need right now is for individuals to stand up and take a vocal stance on this issue, she explained.

Right now, biological males are still defeating girls in their own sports, which is absurd. The only way it will be stopped is if they speak out about what they are seeing.

Simply Unfair to Female Athletes

According to Kenyon, sportspeople and their guardians need to speak up about their hardships, submit letters to the authorities, and take a position against discrimination.

She asserted the best way to ensure fair play is to advocate for it and not to remain silent. According to Kenyon’s solicitor, Kristen Waggoner, she began pursuing legal proceedings after losing a competition to a transgender athlete.

According to Waggoner, Kenyon’s complaint is now pending in the trial court. It has already been appealed to the Ninth Circuit, and will continue to be demanded.

As said by Waggoner, the University of Pennsylvania, for example, now has a male swimmer who is on the verge of breaking both men’s and women’s Olympic records in the United States.

Besides, they believe women should be given equal opportunity in their own sports; schools and universities should not genuinely side with radicals over their own athletes. This is unethical.

According to Kenyon, who spoke on Fox and Friends, her case would result in a more even playing field for female athletes.

Dehumanizing Women

In addition, she made the decision to do this since she had previous experience competing against a biological guy. Kenyon also said she had been defeated five times. The blow is excruciatingly deflating, and she recognizes it is unfair.

As per Kenyon, female athletes should not be intimidated when confronted with unfair transgender opponents. She described the experience as “terrifying” but said they had a lot of support.

They really need right now for individuals to come out and say what they believe. In Waggoner’s opinion, no level of testosterone synthetic hormone can compensate for the physical advantages a biological male has over a biological female.

According to the attorney, they need to consider where this destructive philosophy is leading them and where it could all end.

Using terms like “birthing people” or “chest feeders” to refer to women dehumanizes them. Moreover, they are witnessing parents who are being ostracized for instilling in their children the fact that there are two genders.