Female Athletes Sidelined Again By Biological Men Competing in Same Category

"Transgender Pride Flag" by Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

A social media hailstorm erupted this week as two biological men (aka transgender women) took the leading positions in a cycling event in Great Britain.

Adding insult to injury, they did it in the one category where women could compete.

Apparently, the event in question, called the ThunderCrit race, had a “lightning” category this year, allowing for cis-women, non-binary persons, and transsexuals to compete against one another.

“olympic cycling” by David Howard

Either do it properly or don’t do it at all

However, only transgender persons could pick and choose between categories.

Cis men and women were assigned to their respective Thunder and Lightning divisions, making medal-winning positions in the Lightning category easy pickings for the biological men.

The two men who finished first and second, Emily Bridges and Lilly Chant, have yet to leave any comment on the internet debate that followed their victory.

However, it is important to note up until February this year, Bridges was still competing in male races.

Only one biological female finished the race in the top three, that being Jo Smith.

This is even more demoralizing if you consider the fact Chant is still listed as male in the official records. This prompted outrage on Twitter.

It leaves many wondering if this was the gender ideology’s goal all along, to sideline women and children while mentally ill men are awarded nothing short of a participation trophy, given their biological advantages over the other competitors.

Biological males are taking over women’s sports

Some Twitter users added if a third biological male had chosen to compete in the race, there wouldn’t have been a single female in the top three, in an event promoted as a women’s race, no less.

Feminist writer Libby Emmons claimed women’s sports turned into a joke, at this point.

She said no one with the power to change it cares that women are being marginalized by individuals who couldn’t make it past the amateur level in their own gender categories.

This prompted additional social media involvement from other notable figures in women’s sports.

Fiona McAnena, campaign director at Fair Play for Women, claims the rules allowing men to compete in female-only events put the female competitors at a disadvantage.

Fact is, sports performance is largely based on your body’s capabilities. Anyone who hasn’t ditched biology class every single time knows the advantages men have in this field, due to the evolutionary traits they’ve taken on.

These advantages cannot be taken away.

Even if testosterone suppressing therapies do exist for these transgender persons, they can’t exactly reshape one’s body physique and capabilities entirely.

The idea that not allowing biological males to compete in women’s sports is “discriminating” is outright ridiculous.

If that wasn’t enough, these same people also want access to women-only spaces, like bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms, which is a whole new can of worms to open.