Even CNN Can’t “Sell” Biden Anymore

A majority of conservatives understand that a “great” week for President Biden is one with minimal crises or missteps.

Still, when even CNN can’t sell Biden’s catastrophes as good news, you know something is wrong. 

This is the reality this week. As CNN Editor-at-Large Chris Cillizza notes in his analysis, “Joe Biden would almost certainly want to forget the last several days. Without a doubt.”

Mask Mandates

In his post, Cillizza said, “they’ve been rife with ambiguous messages on crucial issues, portraying an image of an aimless White House headed by a president whose proclivity for veering off track exacerbates his problems.” 

As many observed, the White House appeared to have been entirely taken by surprise by the federal judge’s decision to overturn the Biden presidency’s mask rule for travelers. 

During the appeal process, Psaki’s first comment was unclear. Biden later said travelers had the choice of whether or not to wear masks.

“The government faces a revolution,” Cillizza added, referring to the administration’s previously disclosed decision to withdraw Title 42.

As observed from the US-Mexico border, the circumstances exacerbated by Biden’s immigration crisis are poised to deteriorate further.

Even those inside Biden’s own party are urging him to delay or reverse the party’s intentions to repeal Title 42 in the run-up to the midterm elections. 

Upcoming Midterms

On the subject of the midterm elections, Cillizza’s CNN analysis cites dissent among Democrats in the form of an op-ed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), urging Democrats in Congress to go on legislative offense.

“If we do not use the months left before the midterms to advance our program, Democrats will suffer significant midterm losses,” Warren wrote. 

Her apparently blinkered view of history overlooks the fact that extremist leftist Democrats have repeatedly attempted to ram their ideology in Congress, yet struggled.

This is because not even all representatives of their own party can unite to counter GOP opposition in a divided Senate and a razor-thin Democratic majority in the House. 

While Cillizza omitted the fact that Biden required a literal Easter bunny to protect him from reporters’ queries during the White House Easter Egg Roll, he did note this week has been turbulent.

He also added it came at a time when Biden’s job approval rating is at, or near, a record low for his presidency. Biden carries 39% approval and 55% disapproval, as per CNN’s latest estimate of the last four polling averages. 

“In conclusion, Biden lacked popular trust, prior to this week,” Cillizza summarizes.

However, the contradictory messages emanating from the White House and the larger Democrat Party give the impression there is no strategy in place to turn things around ahead of the midterms.

Cillizza observed, putting a finer point on the terrible state of things inside the Biden White House and the administration’s party at large. For Democrats, it’s a complete disaster and a jumble with no obvious or simple solution.