DOJ BUSTED: Disgusting Lies About Paul Pelosi Attack Exposed

In late October, retiring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul Pelosi was allegedly attacked at their San Francisco home.

News reports said a hammer wielding individual broke in demanding to speak to Nancy and when this was not possible due to her being in DC he began savaging Paul with the hammer, causing serious damage.

Now many things are coming into question about the attack as well as the identity and beliefs of the attacker David DePape.

We heard so much about how this man was a right wing Trump-supporting lunatic, but the truth is finally coming out.

DePape Was a Die-Hard Leftist

DePape was the member of a far left community in Berkeley that is draped full of leftist slogans and flags.

While it’s true he was deep in conspiracies, he’s clearly a left wing individual and was more well known in the area for his pro-nudism activism.

The attack has been lied about in so many ways, and we now know that Paul opened the door for cops when they came to respond to his 911 call which he supposedly made from the bathroom. Paul was apparently OK when he answered the door.

In this case, it appears that DePape savaged him with a hammer once the cops were there.

The attack did happen, but the circumstances surrounding it are so strange and the real beliefs of DePape are completely whacky and nothing to do with the MAGA movement.

The media’s lies have scapegoated conservatives and spread more confusion and hate in a completely unnecessary way.

Discovering About DePape

DePape has been accused of molesting family members, being a nudist extremist and having all sorts of bizarre conspiracy beliefs.

DePape was living in a universe of his own and also appears to be quite mentally ill.

Most Trump supporters are hardworking Americans who want a better country, not nudist activists running around with hammers in San Francisco.

We all know that, but the media wants to hoodwink us and portray conservatives as crazy fringe nutjobs who attack people randomly and support political violence.

As we’ve seen since the summer of 2020, the biggest supporters of political violence are – and continue to be – the far left.

Buying into their lies leaves us open to more lies, but it also shows extreme naivety. The left doesn’t care about peace and stability or respect for diversity and other opinions.

It cares about power and pushing whatever narrative is necessary to get power. They tried to fit DePape into that, but we’ve discovered the truth about this bizarre man.

The Bottom Line

DePape is a far left nutjob, and serious questions still remain about what happened the day that he allegedly attacked Paul Pelosi with a hammer.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.