Democrats Lose Support on Major Issues

According to a recent survey conducted by The Wall Street Journal, the president and his party are losing support on a number of key issues.

People aren’t happy with Joe Biden’s work, even though they think the president did a good job after Russia invaded Ukraine and in his State of the Union address afterward.

The Survey

Only 42% of respondents approved of Biden’s work as president. Democrats had a minor decline in support on some important issues.

The Journal stated a 16-point Democratic lead on which party would better handle the epidemic had shrunk to 11 points, while a 9-point Democratic lead on education concerns shrunk to five points.

When it came to determining which party would best protect middle-class households, the parties were virtually deadlocked. Four months ago, the Democrats held a 5-point edge on that topic.

Additionally, respondents gave Democrats low marks for their handling of inflation and the economy, according to the outlet. Ukraine’s crisis was said to be the second most important topic, with 25% of people saying it was the most important.

Furthermore, 63% of voters expressed dissatisfaction with Biden’s handling of rising costs. Meanwhile, 47% of people believed Republicans were better equipped to deal with inflation, compared to 30% of those who supported Democrats, according to the Journal.

According to the Journal, Republicans have a better strategy to repair the economy than Democrats, with 45 percent to 37 percent believing Republicans have a better strategy.

For pollsters and Democrats, the question today is whether voters’ attitudes toward the present state of the country—and President Biden’s approach to important problems—will influence how they vote in this fall’s 2022 midterms.

According to the Journal, 46% of respondents would support a Republican nominee for Congress if the election were held today, compared to 41% who would support a Democrat.

The GOP garnered support among black and Hispanic respondents since the last Journal survey.

In recent polling, Republicans held a 5-point lead, compared to a 3-point lead in November.

Ukraine and China

Ukraine also seems to be a hot topic on many Americans’ minds, one on which Biden has garnered some support.

Around 50% of people approved of Biden’s handling of Russia, compared to 44% who disapproved.

When asked separately about their assessment of Biden’s handling of the Ukraine situation, 47 percent of voters approved and 46 percent disagreed, the Journal noted.

The vast majority of respondents, 89 percent, stated they were closely monitoring the situation in Ukraine.

55% favored providing Ukraine with further military support, such as equipment and weapons. Almost the same number said they would support putting more economic restrictions on Russia.

Nevertheless, China was also among the respondents’ concerns. According to the Journal, 73% of respondents said China was the nation’s greatest economic concern, while 52% said it was its greatest security threat.

At the same time, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was seen as good by 65% of voters, and only 8% thought he was bad.