Conservatives Charge Biden Administration with Spreading Omicron Fear

Members of the Republican Party have slammed the Biden administration’s warnings about the omicron variant, claiming the White House is exaggerating the threat to instill fear.

Last Monday, Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz told Fox News new variants would always be. People should also get vaccinated if they wish to.

We don’t need mandates, and we need to keep our doors open. Joe Biden and the Democrats must cease threatening school closures and business shutdowns. 

Assuming the Worst

Since Biden’s November 26 warning about the omicron variant, the virus strain has been found in at least 57 different nations. Even though nothing is known about the new strain, it spread rapidly in the United States.

The first case was discovered on December 1 in California. The variant has already been identified in 19 states. Last week, the government moved quickly to limit travel from eight African nations at the epicenter of the omicron outbreak.

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul stated earlier last week we are again in a scenario where we have a new COVID strain.

Rather than making logical, scientific judgments, Dr. Fauci and the Biden administration assumed the worst and began imposing limits with the looming prospect of mandates.

Conversely, Ronny Jackson, a former White House doctor who now serves Texas’ 13th Congressional District as a Republican, portrayed the omicron variation as a ruse by Democrats.

Jackson believes Democrats want to maintain their slender majorities in the House and Senate during the 2022 midterms. He tweeted on November 27 that the “MEV” (the Midterm Election Variant) arrived!

The GOP congressman also said Democrats need an excuse to push unwanted mail-in ballots. Democrats will try whatever to cheat during the election, but Republicans will not allow them! Ted Cruz answered that Jackson’s assessment was accurate.

‘Alarm, Not Panic’

The White House attempted to allay concerns about the new variation.

On November 29, Biden stated this variant is a reason for alarm, but not panic. Experts are currently examining the variant to evaluate its severity and transmissibility. At the same time, some South African specialists fear it may infect individuals faster than the delta version.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Biden’s top medical officer, predicted it would probably take another couple of weeks before they get a good hold on the variant. Therefore, he suggests we shouldn’t draw any firm conclusions for the time being, at least not before the next few weeks.

Biden and Fauci have increased their pleas for individuals to be vaccinated if they haven’t already and obtain booster injections if they are eligible. So far, about 61 percent of the American population has been adequately immunized.

According to a poll released earlier this week, most Republicans seem unconcerned about the new strain. Only 35 percent of Republicans indicated they were concerned about the new variant, compared to 80 percent of Democrats.

In comparison to 14 percent of Democrats, a majority of Republicans, 59 percent, indicated they are not highly concerned or worried at all.