Brave MLB Members Refuse to Support LGBT Propaganda

In case you haven’t noticed from all the rainbow logos everywhere, June is “Pride Month.” This relates to celebrating and affirming the sexual orientation of people who identify as LGBT.

Not everyone agrees being LGBT is a positive thing, nor does being LGBT align with their religious or personal views, however.

However, large corporations, government agencies, and even sports teams don’t care. Their position is you wear and celebrate the LGBT rainbow or you face the fury of the mob.

The latest example comes from the Tampa Bay Rays Major League Baseball (MLB) team.

Wear the Rainbow…Or Else

On Saturday night, the Rays had a special Pride night celebration during their match against the Chicago White Sox. Players were told to suit up in jerseys with a special Pride patch and in hats with a modified pride logo.

The vast majority of the Rays happily did that, but five of them said no thanks. Jason Adam, Ryan Thompson, Jalen Beeks, Jeffrey Springs, and Brooks Raley said “no thanks.”

As Adam said about their decision, it was hard to do because they personally accept and welcome people of all sexual identities to the game and the community; they simply don’t affirm that the LGBT identity is part of God’s plan or standards.

As Adam said, in the same way God directed him and other Christians not to have sex prior to marriage, he’s also said the LGBT lifestyle is not part of the Christian belief system.

The reaction to these players’ rainbow resistance was swift and enraged.

Liberals React Angrily

Liberals reacted angrily to the five players not wanting to stand up for Pride night on their clothing. Fortunately, Rays Manager Kevin Cash, who did wear the jerseys and hat, said it was no problem.

He said it hadn’t led to any clashes and everyone understood “different perspectives” on what their beliefs entail.

Nobody on the Rays or White Sox had any real issue with these players not wanting to be forced to celebrate Pride night.

In the normal world, people have no problem tolerating different opinions which are expressed with respect.

Though online and in the media, liberals reacted angrily, calling the players “homophobes” and saying they need to be called out and insulted for their refusal to celebrate the night.

It is clear many on the left only tolerate freedom of religion when it agrees with their beliefs, lifestyles, and views. When it diverges in any way from that, the liberal “tolerance” stops.

The Bottom Line

Good for these five brave Rays.

They probably didn’t plan for this to be the reason people know their names, but the issue was forced on them and they responded respectfully and firmly.