BLM Should be Cut Off by DC

The Black Lives Matter movement may have started out with decent intentions, but it has since degraded into nothing more than a con game. 

It is long past time for the city of Washington to erase its slogan from the sidewalk in front of the White House.

After Trayvon Martin was shot and killed while assaulting a police officer in 2013, Black Lives Matter became little more than a phrase and a site, until George Floyd’s murder in May 2020.

That’s when the cash spigot started gushing out. Businesses and celebrities grew eager to have their brands associated with BLM; tens of millions of dollars were donated to the organization as a result of this desire.

Greed and Corruption

That money, however, seems to have been, at most, wasted, and more likely utilized to benefit a small number of individuals associated with the BLM brand. 

Last May, following revelations that she used BLM funds to purchase herself millions of dollars worth of property, Patrisse Cullors resigned from her position as a co-founder of the group.

The two individuals she selected as successors claim they were never truly employed by the group; therefore, they have no clue who is in control or what has become of the organization’s more than $60 million in assets.

Following concerns BLM failed to complete the legally proper documents to maintain its status as an operating nonprofit, the states of California and Washington instructed the agency to cease fundraising activities. 

Tourism and Ad Placements

Furthermore, the leftist fundraising juggernaut ActBlue removed BLM from its fundraising sites.

According to non-profit legal professionals, BLM is also in violation of the laws of Colorado, Connecticut, North Carolina, New Mexico, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, and Maine.

So, if all of these states have suddenly realized BLM is a hoax, why is Washington clinging to the gaudy block writing of the makeshift monument to the organization’s tribute, Black Lives Matter Plaza?

The reply appears to lie in the form of tourist dollars. Municipality of DC Mayor Muriel Bowser effectively transformed the plaza into a social justice-themed tourism destination, which is prominently promoted on the city’s tourism website (Visit DC).

Is there a policy section devoted to all of Bowser’s plans for an actual “Black Lives Matter” agenda, or is it just a collection of policy pages? Nope.

However, if you’re looking for a list of more than 20 black chefs, as well as black-owned pubs and restaurants in Washington, the Guide to Black Lives Matter Plaza homepage should be sufficient.

It now appears  BLM may be able to escape its current leadership crisis — albeit at the expense of what little integrity it may have had remaining.

At the moment, Marc Elias, a lawyer for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, looks to be in command of the organization and its finances.

The Elias Law Group, which he founded, has been identified as the organization’s legal address in a number of legal filings.

In order to memorialize Washington’s historic civil rights history, there are a plethora of better options available than keeping that unattractive yellow block lettering in front of the White House on display.

If the current mayor is too deeply involved, perhaps the next mayor will be able to remove the eyesore from the city.