Biden’s First Year in Office Marks Failure on Important Priorities

Joe Biden begins his second year in power without making substantial headway on his core campaign objectives. This notably includes the right to vote, global warming, the economy, immigration reform, and the COVID-19 epidemic.

Because of his incapacity to unite his party, Biden’s approval ratings are at an all-time low. This is causing concern among Democrats who cling to razor-thin majorities in the House and Senate before the November midterms.

Biden highlighted “immediately containing the COVID-19 situation by extending testing” and safely restarting businesses and schools on the presidential campaign trail.

People stood in line for hours to get a COVID-19 test, though; the president was, therefore,  condemned for his management of the pandemic.

The White House now has a federal site (which is already having issues) that will allow citizens to obtain 500 million fast at-home tests for free starting Wednesday. USPS delivery takes 7–12 days.

A White House official revealed Wednesday the Biden government would also distribute 400 million free, N95 masks from the Strategic National Supply.

It’s Obviously Too Late Now

Critics argue the test and mask deployment are too late. Last month, Biden confessed to ABC News’ David Muir the government should have been adequately equipped for the recent COVID-19 outbreak.

Last week, the Supreme Court halted Biden’s COVID vaccine mandates for businesses, ruling the disease was not an occupational risk, but rather a “general risk.” The obligation for healthcare employees in institutions funded by Medicare and Medicaid was left in effect.

In December, inflation exceeded 7%, the highest level in 40 years, undermining Biden’s vow to “recover our economy from the epidemic.” While the Biden administration has hailed low unemployment and rising average incomes as indicators of economic growth, Americans aren’t buying it.

Most respondents (47%) believe Biden is contributing to rising inflation, while 28% believe he is not. Until now, the White House seemed unconcerned with inflation. Biden’s chief of staff tweeted inflation was an “upper class” issue three months earlier.


Absence of Adequate Action

Last year, Biden pledged a “humane” asylum system, but the White House hasn’t delivered. His plan to legalize millions of illegals has been stalled in Congress.

Global warming activists and organizations have voiced regret that many of Biden’s campaign pledges have gone unmet.

An environmental organization, Evergreen Action, looked at 46 executive measures on climate change that Biden pledged during the campaign and found he has a long way to go to reduce carbon emissions.

In November, Biden broke a campaign vow to block new oil and gas leases on public lands and seas by auctioning over 80 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico. A court authorized the new lease, but several environmentalists criticized the government for stopping it.

The US military departure from Afghanistan left scores of Americans and allies trapped in the Taliban-controlled nation. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin threatens to strike Ukraine, notwithstanding Biden’s repeated warnings of economic penalties.