Biden’s Border Indifference Triggers National Security, Narcotics Disaster

With the support of the Chinese Communist Party, well-funded drug cartels profit billions of dollars through drug and human trafficking.

This increasingly strong criminal, commercial empire is moving into American neighborhoods, mostly disregarded by the Biden presidency, the mainstream media, and many Americans. 

Nonchalant and Uncaring

On a tour of South Texas with eight Tennessee sheriffs and mayors, two things were clear. First, Biden’s policies are unmanageable. Second, and ironically, the federal government can solve this situation.

The main conclusion was if every American saw and understood what the researchers did, it would never happen. 

Their business model is this: fentanyl ingredients are sent from China to Mexico, where traffickers convert them into lethal drugs headed for the US.

Besides, with the cartels controlling the whole Mexican side of the United States border, every illegal immigrant is obligated to part with thousands of dollars to be able to cross through safely.

In this vicious loop, the cartels profit from more illegal immigration. More money for the cartels means more narcotics. 

Migrants are more than a cash cow for cartels. They also convey drugs and criminals.

The cartels smuggle thousands of migrant clients across the border, allowing them to transport drugs, gangbangers, “high-value” persons, terrorist watchlist affiliates, and others.

Since President Biden assumed office, 157 foreign nationals have been arrested entering our border.

Border Patrol officials told reporters that due to the high volume of migrant crossings, sometimes all agents are busy assessing migrants, leaving the border unsecured. 

Narcotics, criminals, and violence surge into neighborhoods. According to one agent, the people and the drugs don’t stay in that neighborhood. 

Last year, over 100,000 Americans perished from opioid overdoses, mostly fentanyl. Rather than overdosing, this seems to be China-engineered poisoning.

Sheriffs and mayors in Tennessee say drug overdose deaths are at an all-time high. 

Encouraging Immigration

The existing catch-and-release practices attract immigration.

To underscore the current policy insanity, we encountered roughly 15 newly arrived migrants, asking for Border Patrol officers beside an unfinished border wall outside McAllen, Texas.

This is because their cartel superiors instructed them to surrender themselves. Our policies are so backward that suspects seek officers.

Predictably, Border Patrol claimed policy adjustments are all we need.

The Migrant Protection Protocols, which require asylum seekers to remain in Mexico until their eligibility is verified (most are not), were adopted in Laredo, Texas, in 2019.

Nobody comes if they can’t get in.

Interestingly, the Biden administration canceled MPP without thinking, resulting in record illegal immigration. 

Democrats, aided by the media, are ignoring the crisis and hope others will follow. They won’t admit to prioritizing radical immigration groups over national security and sovereignty. 

Why won’t they stop the Chinese Communist Party, as well as the billion-dollar Mexican traffickers, from poisoning America’s young through our immigration system? 

With Biden and the media not paying attention, it’s more important than ever to get the word out before more lives are lost, more migrants are enslaved, and more communities are hurt by the government.