Biden Sneers at Trump Unnecessarily

President Biden praised the long-awaited completion of his bipartisan construction plan. He slammed his predecessor while vowing his projected $1.75 trillion in partisan welfare programs and environmental investment measures would arrive soon.

In a jab at ex-President Trump, Biden called the $1.2 trillion infrastructure agreement a blue-collar template to restore the country and a once-in-a-lifetime commitment to the people of America.

Biden stated Saturday at the White House (before departing for his Delaware beach house) the bill is for people at home who feel left behind or neglected in a world that’s evolving so swiftly. He went on to say most of the new positions do not even require a college diploma.

A deadlock on the House floor ended with the passage of an infrastructure bill previously adopted by the Senate with the help of 13 Republican votes. This came after certain left-wing legislators withdrew their support, fulfilling a commitment not to support the proposal, unless it was examined in conjunction with a bigger social expenditure package.

In addition, Biden expressed satisfaction with the passage of his Build Back Better Act on November 15. He then went on to say he was so tired of trickle-down economics.

Biden is Rusty

In response to reporters’ questioning, Biden said the results of last week’s surprise elections showed voters chose Democrats to keep their campaign pledges. However, Biden admitted his deal-making talents rusted after four years out of politics.

The president stated getting to know everyone individually is part of a process and he won’t be anything but himself. Biden said he’s trying to accomplish what he was elected to do.

On Friday night, over a dozen Republican lawmakers backed all but six Democrats in supporting the infrastructure measure, which cleared the Senate in August.

Now, Congress can focus on the independent reconciliation spending package; this has the endorsement of the minority of left-wing senators who rejected the infrastructure legislation.

However, Democrats also risk losing the support of centrist lawmakers who want to rein in spending, such as Democrat Sens. Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin.

Biden Confused about His Immigrant Compensation Scheme

The president voiced uncertainty about compensating undocumented immigrant families split at the American border under Trump. Biden returned to his original criticism of news the Justice Department was discussing settlements of up to $450,000 for afflicted refugee families.

The president stated if in reality (because of the previous administration’s supposedly awful actions), someone came across the border (whether legally or illegally) and as a result, lost their child, then that’s it.

Biden said if the child is gone, such a person deserves some form of compensation, regardless of whether they came to the country illegally or not. Biden then shouted he had no idea of what that compensation would be.