Biden Not Trying to Negotiate With GOP Amid Calls For Gun Regulation

Having called on Congress to approve legislation instantly, in the aftermath of gun violence in Buffalo and Ulvade, President Biden stated he has not yet held tough talks with conservative lawmakers about a gun control bill.

No Talks Yet

To enact any such legislation, Biden and the Democrats would require at least ten Republican votes in the Senate.

Though, he has been hesitant to utilize the bully pulpit to compel Republicans to the bargaining table. 

Reporters inquired of the president if he thought the tragedy in Uvalde would stimulate some GOP legislators to act on the topic. Still, Biden responded he doesn’t know “since [he hasn’t] talked to them.” 

After the shooting in Uvalde, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who has long objected to Democratic efforts to implement any gun reform, directed Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) to work on a compromise effort with Democrats led by Senator Chris Murphy.

In addition, some Republican politicians, such as Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), voiced greater openness to the idea of increasing required, statutory background checks when purchasing firearms. 

Passive in His Stance

President Biden has issued many executive orders to reduce gun violence since taking office. Still, he has already conceded that Congress must take action before any additional substantive reform can be implemented.

The president recently made the following statements as it pertains to gun control and his role in getting new restrictions on Second Amendment rights passed:

“I am unable to impose my will on this matter. I am competent to continue doing the things that I have been doing.”

“I will take any executive action that is available to me. However. I don’t have the authority to ban weapons. I cannot modify a background check. That will not work for me.” 

Meanwhile, Democrats who are against gun violence are becoming more and more exasperated with the seeming hands-off approach that Biden is taking to the negotiation of a legislative agreement. 

“He cannot just serve in the role of ‘eulogizer in chief.’ In addition to that, he is going to have to invest the whole weight of his presidential office in the process of legislature.”

“Or else, it will look like all hope is lost for him,” Peter Ambler, executive director for Giffords, a firearm safety organization initiated by former Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-AZ), told Politico.

“If he and the rest of the White House get behind this initiative, I believe he will be able to make a difference.”

Igor Volsky, who works for Guns Down America, added that all Biden did was deliver platitudes without providing any actual answers. Later, he questioned what was driving the president’s strategies. 

“Who was the one who thought of this tactic? It defies logic in every way.”