Biden Announces Hospital Assistance, Free COVID Diagnostics, and Vaccination Availability

President Biden was scheduled to address the country Tuesday afternoon, regarding the new omicron variant’s widespread outbreak.

On Dec. 18, the CDC reported the omicron strain accounted for 73.2% of new infections, up from 12.6% the week before.

The new omicron strain of the coronavirus is forcing schools, restaurants, and other activities to close throughout the country.

Welfare Initiatives

Along with his winter plan, the president unveiled three further initiatives on Tuesday, including increased hospital funding, free exams for everybody, and more vaccines.

To combat the growing number of omicron cases, the government will guarantee states and hospitals have the staff, beds, and materials they need.

The president will authorize the Defense Secretary to send 1,000 military personnel to overcrowded hospitals in January and February to enhance hospital capacity.

This includes activating the National Response Coordination Unit and dispatching FEMA planners to assess hospital requirements.

If one hospital has enough supplies, administrators can quickly distribute them to other hospitals in need.

The president also announced a new government testing network. They will also publish a blog where Americans obtain a free COVID-19 exam at home.

The system will go live in January, officials added. However, officials recognize more work has to be done in the US.

Officials say they are already acting. To defend against serious sickness, the president is anticipated to declare increased vaccination efforts, mentioning COVID-19 vaccinations and booster doses.

They will build up mobile clinics and deploy scores of more government vaccinators to help fill thousands of vaccine dates each week.

Officials say pharmacies are expanding their networks and visits. Preliminary thoughts on the omicron variant were made public Monday night.

It’s possible to develop a breakout case after boosting your vaccine, but most people will have no symptoms or minor symptoms.

Doctors advise wearing a mask in public, even if you are completely vaccinated. In particular, it will protect children under five who cannot yet be vaccinated.

The country owes them a huge obligation, the president said, after thanking frontline workers for their dedication over a challenging two years.

First Death Recorded

According to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, one of the president’s regular staffers tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday night.

A Sunday antigen test revealed the president is healthy, according to Psaki. Psaki said Biden had a PCR on Monday morning, and it came back negative.

As necessary for everyone flying with the president, the White House announced the employee who came back positive is fully vaccinated and boosted.

This employee was tested on Monday after only experiencing symptoms on Sunday. The White House also said Biden doesn’t need to quarantine himself.

According to Texas officials, an unvaccinated male in his 50s with preexisting medical conditions died from the omicron strain of COVID-19.


On Nov. 26, W.H.O classified the omicron version as a “variant of concern” after being detected in South Africa less than a month ago.

In addition to spreading more quickly than prior variations, the CDC believes omicron “may produce milder disease.”

However, even completely vaccinated people can have omicron infections.