Biden Blown Out on Ukraine, Economy, SCOTUS

Joe Biden’s recent attempts to boost his standing with the U.S. populace on the economy have been unsuccessful. Indeed, they may be exacerbating the problem.

Biden asserted he was responsible for the “fastest economic growth since 1984.” That merely glossed over the fact that individuals returning to work during a shutdown epidemic is not “growth” — and due to Biden, it is not.

He tried to assist his argument by providing a manipulated graphic to make it appear as though the economy increased more; it didn’t work though.

Recent Survey

According to a recent poll conducted by ABC News and Ipsos, no one was buying the pitch.

Only 1% of Americans feel the economy is doing well. Only 23% believe it is “good.” Meanwhile, 75% believe the economy is “not very good/poverty-stricken.”

69% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of this critical subject. Therefore, if he believes he is buffaloing people, his strategy fails. His stats continue to deteriorate.

Biden then stated that he would consider just a black female candidate to succeed Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer without considering all other contenders.

That elicited a strongly unfavorable response in the survey, with only 23% in favor and 76% urging him to examine all viable choices.

Despite the poll’s sample size being insufficient to provide separate findings for black people, just a little more than one in every four non-white Americans (28%) believes Biden should solely consider black women for the position.

Democrats are more supportive of Biden’s pledge than the general public (46%); although most Democrats (54%) also prefer that Biden evaluate all prospective choices.

Thus, if Biden believed this would re-engage voters on his side, it does not appear to have succeeded.

Ukraine, Russia, and Biden

In another major news topic — Ukraine — Biden’s initiatives are also becoming unpopular.

On sending ground soldiers to Eastern Europe to deter Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, 32% of Americans are undecided; 38% oppose sending troops and only 29% support it. This is not exactly a glowing recommendation.

Worse, Putin enjoys a 56% approval rating for his overall handling of Russia and Ukraine. Thus, if he attempts to “wag the dog,” the dog will not cooperate.

It doesn’t help when the Ukrainian president has to warn him to tone down the invasion hype as Biden apparently withdraws the most severe penalties against Russia from consideration.

Biden’s approval ratings appear to be deteriorating across the board, with the majority of disapprovals now in their 60s, most notably his handling of gun crime (69 percent disapproval).

One must also not forget Biden’s ratings on crime (64 percent disapproval), immigration (64 percent disapproval), and the nation’s economic revival (64 percent disapproval).

What he could possibly do at this moment to climb out of the rut he’s found himself in is beyond everyone at this point. The figures are getting worse and worse.

However, Biden, being Biden, always finds a way to go lower. He intends to increase his interaction with the American people. Therefore, he can continue doing this and watch as the numbers decline even further.