140 GOP ‘Election Deniers’ Score Victories in Midterm Races

More than 140 “election deniers,” i.e., Republican Party candidates who deny the results from the 2020 US presidential election won their races in yesterday’s midterms.

These are folks who support President Donald Trump’s voter fraud claims and have won their contests for federal or state office in the Senate, House and Secretary of State and other positions. 

‘Election Deniers’ Equals ‘Endorsed by Trump’

Ahead of Tuesday’s midterms, various reports by mainstream leftist media have estimated that between 200 and 300 GOP bidders for the state- or federal-level positions on the ballot are among the so-called “election deniers.”

Thus, the New York Times counted about 200 “deniers,” while a report by CBS News put their number at 308, or more than half of the 597 Republicans running for elected office in the November 8 vote.

With election results pouring in on Tuesday night and Wednesday, a report by Axios, which focused on 50 battleground contests for the US Congress, state governor, and secretary of state posts, involving “election deniers.”

It emphasized that the list of election deniers practically coincides with the candidates that former President Donald Trump endorsed.

As of Wednesday morning, it reported that seven of the 50 races were won by “deniers,” 16 were lost, and 27 remained uncalled.

Another report, however, discovered that at least 140 GOP candidates, who doubt the results of the 2020 presidential election, have won their races.

If the CBS News classification of 308 “election deniers” could be deemed correct, that would mean that half of them have triumphed.

A report by The Washington Post as of 11 am EST on Wednesday said 165 “election deniers” had won their races.

Positions to ‘Influence Future Elections’

The report calculating that “over 140” election deniers “won their races” was compiled by DW.com, an English-language pro-leftist public media funded by the government of Germany.

The report described the election deniers as candidates supporting “President Donald Trump’s election lies.”

It emphasized that the newly elected “deniers” have won seats in the US Senate, US House of Representatives, and other elected offices putting them in the position to “influence” the “outcome of future elections.”

While the report pointed out that pro-Trump “deniers” “lost pivotal races,” it dwelled on how more than 100 of them managed to score wins.

Big Trump Loss in the Keystone State…

Perhaps the most prominent “election denier” who lost his contest was Trump ally Doug Mastriano, who lost Pennsylvania’s gubernatorial race with 42.5% (2.2 million votes) to Democrat Josh Shapiro’s 55.7% (2.9 million votes). 

Another prominent Republican classified as an “election denier” by lefty media, Kari Lake, remained locked in a very close race for Governor of Arizona against Democrat Katie Hobbs, each having about 900,000 votes as of Wednesday morning. 

State-level candidates described as “election deniers” who lost their races include Kim Crockett, who ran for secretary of state of Minnesota, and Audrey Trujillo in New Mexico, who lost to Democrat Secretary of State incumbent Maggie Toulouse Oliver.

However, “election deniers” Wes Allen in Alabama and Diego Morales in Indiana won their secretary of state races. As did Chuck Gray in Wyoming, who ran unopposed.  

Probably the best-known “election deniers” emerging victorious in their contests for the US Congress in the midterms were Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, who retained her seat in the US House of Representatives, and Katie Britt, who won Alabama’s open seat in the US Senate. 

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.